BaNSC Live 1.0 - Registrations!

BaNSC · September 26, 2020


To receive an invite link to the live session by BaNSC’s Professional Lead Mr. Anubhav Chaturvedi, please fill the form below.

Who is Mr. Anubhav Chaturvedi?

He is currently a Solution Architect at Jio and is an ex-UpGrad and ex-Oracle.

Mr. Anubhav is also a Blockchain Trainer at 15+ Fortune 500 companies like GE, Deloitte, Mercedes-Benz, Dell etc.

What the session cover?

  • Web 2.0 to 3.0
  • Figuring out Blockchain use-cases
  • Is it worth the hype?
  • Live QnA session.

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